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Please help us make this better!

This is the first of a planned Oliver/Percy series pd_darragh and I have been discussing. Entirely unconnected with the Dyslexic Heart series. Concrit deeply appreciated.

Title: Dodecahedron
Author/Artist: Darragh Tieraneaux (pd_darragh) and Atalanta Pendragonne (atalantapendrag)
Rating: NC-17 Adults Only
Pairing(s)/character(s): Oliver Wood/Percy Weasley
Summary: Oliver gets caught in a rainstorm. Percy makes sure he doesn't catch cold.
Disclaimer: We own neither of the characters, or the learning institution in which they are engaging in such inappropriate behaviour.
Warnings: NC-17, m/m sex, under-age (teen/teen) sex, first time, shifting POV

It had started raining over an hour ago, but Oliver could have cared less. The Gryffindor Quidditch team flew over head and he watched, enraptured and envious. Oh, how he longed to be on that team! Thankfully, try outs were the following weekend or else he would have gone mad with the wait. He had already waited two years and next weekend was his chance to blow them away with his skills. He wiped the rain out of his eyes with his already soaked shirt sleeve. Oliver had the biggest urge to shout "Don't stop!" when the players had started to land, but practise was over and they were soaked and he really didn't need them thinking he was any more of a spaz than they already did. He couldn't help that he loved flying and, more importantly, Quidditch. So, since he couldn't fly without getting in trouble yet, he settled for watching the others. Nearly slipping on one of the benches, Oliver carefully made his way down onto the field and out the exit. He walked slowly across the grounds, just enjoying the rain. He was soaked and freezing and he'd probably have a head cold the next day but he was loving the feel and sound of water falling all around him.

Percy hadn't expected to enjoy Arithmancy. He'd remembered hearing Charlie complain about it. But it was interesting. Numbers didn't do odd and unpredictable things. They had an order and operated according to unvarying rules. It was soothing. The sound of rain was soothing too, in the gloriously empty dorm room where he sat on a windowsill, leafing through a textbook. None of the other boys in his year understood why Percy spent so much of his free time alone in the dorm room instead of socialising in the Common Room. He even preferred studying in the dorm to spending time in the library. But then, most of them didn't know what it was like never have a moment of privacy. And now that the twins had started at Hogwarts, he had even more reason to stay out of the Common Room. As the rain beat harder against the windowsill, Percy intently read a section on the Pythagorean Five Perfect Solids. The diagram of the dodecahedron made it look so simple and perfect. The idea that it had once been a holy secret was fascinating. The next part of the assignment was a bit trickier. Percy took up a piece of the thin, crisp paper he'd been given and set to trying to fold it into a polyhedral shape. He was tempted to start with the cube first. It wasn't as elegant as the others, but its basic simplicity made for a good beginning. But the dodecahedron called to him too strongly for him to start with anything else.

Oliver stopped at the top of the steps that led into the castle and looked up at the grey sky. He smiled as rain dropped onto his face. Slowly, he opened the doors and slipped into the castle. He left a trail of water where he stepped as he approached Gryffindor tower.

"Password?" asked the portrait.

"Centzon Totochtin." Oliver said breathlessly; he had decided to run the remainder of the way to Gryffindor tower. The portrait swung forward and he slid across the common room. He was suddenly full of energy and bounded up the stairs to his dorm room.

The sound of heavy footsteps made Percy look up. He set down his papers carefully, watching the door.

Oliver didn't bother being quiet. If there was anyone in there at this time of day, he knew who it was. He threw open the door and saw his best friend at the far end of the room. "Percy!" He said happily.

Blinking, Percy pushed his book aside, sliding off the windowsill. "Hell, Oliver, you're drenched!"

"I know!" Oliver smiled, as he came into the room, and shook his head briskly, sending little water droplets everywhere.

"Honestly!" Percy rolled his eyes. "You'll catch your death of cold."

"Worth it," Oliver said as he pulled off his soaked jumper and let it drop to the floor.

"You won't think so if you're too sick for the team try-outs." Percy eyed the wet clothes on the floor with disapproval.

"I'll just take Pepper-Up," Oliver replied, kicking off his wet shoes. "It'll keep me going for an hour or two. That's plenty of time for me to wow them."

"Shortcuts like that never work," Percy said with a prim sniff. "Aren't you getting cold?"

"Of course!" Oliver said as he pulled his t-shirt off. "This is soaking wet!" He held the t-shirt up a moment before dropping it on top of the jumper.

"Then you need to dry off!" Shaking his head, Percy snatched a folded towel from the shelf beside his bed, making his way across the room.

The wet shirt was actually warm compared to the cold air in the room. Oliver began to shiver slightly as he undid the button to his jeans.

Drawing closer, Percy skidded on a wet patch on the floor, landing hard on one knee.

"Whoa, Percy, that sounded like it hurt!" Oliver rushed to his friend's side. "Sorry, that was my fault." he said, helping Percy up, and instantly feeling bad that he hadn't tried to dry off a bit beforehand.

"I only slipped," Percy said a bit irritable, shaking out his leg and testing his weight on it cautiously.

"Still, it sounded painful," Oliver replied. "Can you walk?" He was always a bit of a worrier.

"I can walk, and you're still soaked." He looked down at his trousers. One leg was drenched from the knee down. "Or perhaps I should say 'we'."

"Well, get them off," Oliver said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world and started kicking off his own jeans.

Percy flushed a little, glancing away. Oliver, wet and nearly nude, was a more appealing sight than he was quite comfortable admitting. Still, his trouser leg was soaked. He went to unbutton his fly.

"Something wrong?" Oliver asked, curiously and a little concerned.

"Nnh." Percy eased his trousers off, silently glad of the too-large hand-me-down shirt he was wearing for a change.

Percy was acting a little strangely, so Oliver threw his soaked jeans at him. "Look alive, Percy!" He smiled broadly.

Distracted, Percy didn't duck in time. "Now I'm wet all over!" he complained.

"Don't complain, just take it off." Oliver replied as he grabbed the towel and started to dry his hair.

Percy couldn't help rolling his eyes. "What, am I supposed to dance for you while I'm at it?"

Oliver stopped drying his hair and looked up, mouth slightly open in shock. "That's not what I meant," he sputtered.

"Why'd you go out of your way to drench my shirt, then?"

"You were--not for that." Oliver said, blushing darkly.

"I... er. Of course not," Percy said a bit stiffly, turning away and unbuttoning his shirt. He cursed himself for having said anything, even as a joke.

Oliver frowned, face still hot. He felt guilty, but he wasn't quite sure why. He sat on the bed, though his boxers were still wet, and sighed softly.

Unbuttoned shirt hanging loosely off his shoulders, Percy turned his head to face him. "Going to drench my bed too?" He laughed weakly before realizing what he'd said and looked down, blushing furiously.

Wow, Percy looks pretty when he blushes,Oliver thought and then his own blush returned full-force. He stood up at Percy's comment and mumbled, "Sorry."

"I didn't mean..." Percy prodded the damp patch Oliver had just vacated with a fingertip. "I was... joking."

Oliver was shivering, as he watched Percy poke at his bed. He had goosebumps. Suddenly, the cold air was really effecting him.

Glancing up, Percy shook his head, tsking rather officiously. "See? You're going to catch cold."

Nodding, Oliver replied, "Yeah. I'm not going to make it back across the room, so I'm getting in your bed." Without waiting for a reply, he pulled covers of Percy's bed back, kicked off his boxers and climbed in, pulling the blankets to his chin.

Percy stared at him, startled. "I hope you don't expect me to start applying mustard plasters." He poked at Oliver's chest with a fingertip for emphasis.

"No," Oliver smiled. "But you could get in here with me, you know, combined body heat and all that. I'm freezing!"

"You've been reading too many stories about Arctic expeditions," Percy mumbled, but slipped into bed anyway.

"It works though, I feel better already," Oliver moved closer to Percy.

Percy inhaled sharply, feeling Oliver press against him. "That's just because you got me to do something you told me to."

Oliver laughed softly, "That could be part of it." He exhaled softly. This was certainly different. He was nude and in Percy's bed and Percy was almost as nude as he was and... he blushed yet again.

"Only part?" Percy shivered slightly.

"Okay, it was all of it. You cold?" Oliver pressed even closer.

"I... uh. Cold. A little, I suppose."

Oliver bit his lip and studied his best friend thoughtfully.

"W-what?" Percy kept very still, looking at Oliver's face.

Oliver shrugged. "Nothing." He smiled faintly.

"Why are you smiling like that?"

"Like what?"

"Like... I don't know." Percy shrugged, and regretted it; they were lying close enough that the motion rubbed them together, and it made concentration very, very difficult. "Smiling."

Oliver closed his eyes briefly. "Mm..." It was a barely audible sound that came from low in his throat. He felt his cheeks burn, he honestly hadn't meant to react that way to the slight friction.

Percy gasped softly at the near-moan, peering at Oliver cautiously. "I didn't... I mean..."

Oliver moved, just slightly, testing, and gauged Percy's reaction. Whimpering, Percy bent his head, forehead resting on Oliver's shoulder. Tentatively, Oliver put his hand on Percy's waist. Inhaling sharply, Percy raised his head again, looking at Oliver questioningly without pulling away from the touch.

"Okay?" Oliver asked softly, gently, hand still on Percy's waist. He didn't know what to do, he was pretty sure Percy didn't know what to do either and it was a little frightening.

"Okay with what?" He gave Oliver another weak smile. "Your hair is still damp," he said, reaching up to smooth it uncertainly.

Oliver nodded.

"That's not really an answer..."

"Um.. I guess I really don't have one..." He trailed off.

"What were you asking about, then?" Percy asked, trying not to sound nervous, his face so close to Oliver's that their noses were touching.

"I... ah, I'm not sure," Oliver said a little helplessly.

"So there wasn't any reason you wanted me stripped down in bed with you?" Percy smirked faintly.

Oliver blushed; at the time, there wasn't any reason, but now... now it was different. He certainly didn't want him to get dressed.

"You're blushing," Percy said softly, as if it were a truly astonishing phenomenon.

Oliver nodded and smiled nervously. "I know." It was little more than a whisper.

Percy's mouth seemed to have gone incredibly dry. "Why?"

"I--I don't know..." Oliver really wasn't sure why. He just knew that something had changed in the past five minutes.

Realising he was still stroking Oliver's hair, Percy bit his lip, letting his hand drop to rest on Oliver's shoulder. "If... do you want me to go?" He felt faintly ridiculous asking the question, especially since it was his bed.

Shaking his head gently, Oliver absently traced tiny little circles on Percy's hip with his fingertip. "No."

Percy lay very still, biting back a gasp at the gentle touch. "What do you want, then?" he asked, barely audibly.

Oliver was silent for a moment. Then he leaned in the inch that they were apart and carefully pressed his lips to Percy's. Please don't pull away, he pleaded silently.

Shocked, Percy stiffened, eyes opening wide. He took a shaky breath in through his nose and leaned into the light kiss, feeling his heart pound rapidly. Oliver applied more pressure, testing. At least Percy hadn't pushed him away. Still stunned, Percy wrapped his arms loosely around Oliver's waist, not at all sure what he should be doing with them. This was the extent of Oliver's knowledge. He had no idea what to do next. Well, he had a notion, though he wasn't sure how to go about doing it. He pulled away just enough to breathe and rested his forehead against Percy's.

"What. What are we doing, then?" Percy was flushed and breathing rapidly.

"Kissing?" Oliver offered. He wasn't exactly sure what Percy expected him to say.

"I, ah. I suppose we are." He studied Oliver's face closely.

Oliver took a deep breath and exhaled slowly.

"Is something wrong?"

He shook his head. He knew he was being quiet, but he was taking this all in. Squirming a bit, Percy took off his glasses, turning aside to set them on the night stand. Turning to face Oliver again, he blinked uncertainly. Oliver smiled and stroked Percy's cheek with the back of his fingers.

"I never... I mean..." Percy closed his eyes at the light caress.

"You never what?" Oliver asked softly, curiously.

"Er. Any of... this."

"Neither have I..." he replied truthfully.

Percy bit back a 'why', wriggling closer. "And?"

"And what?"

"Well, if you hadn't before, you're either pleased or disappointed, aren't you?"

"So, you're asking me if I liked it?"

Percy blushed vividly.

"I did," Oliver replied sincerely.

"Oh," Percy breathed softly, tipping his face up to look at Oliver from scant inches away.

Oliver leaned in for another kiss, but gave Percy plenty of time to object if he wanted to. This time Percy kept his eyes closed, pressing a little closer, returning the kiss instead of passively allowing it.
The hand on Percy's hip moved to the small of his back and gently stroked there as they kissed. It was a million times better when Percy kissed back, in Oliver's opinion. Squirming closer in response to the light pressure on his back, Percy gasped softly and clutched Oliver's shoulders, rubbing against him.

"Mmm..." It was another sound from low in his throat. Percy's skin on his felt amazing. He blushed at what the sensation was doing to him.

Opening his eyes, Percy forced himself out of the kiss. "...Oliver?"

If possible, Oliver's blush deepened. Percy reached up to stroke Oliver's flushed cheek, watching his face closely. Oliver smiled, faintly embarrassed, leaning into the touch.

"So. Ah. What...?"

"What?" Oliver asked in a small voice.

"What... are we doing? Going to do? Is this one of those 'never mention it again' things?"

"No idea... no idea... and I hope not."

Percy exhaled, feeling relieved of a tension he'd been unaware of, and wriggled a little closer, leaning in to kiss Oliver again. Oliver pulled his fingers through Percy's gorgeous red hair and returned the kiss with a bit more ease. Shivering, Percy wound his arms loosely around Oliver's shoulders, clinging to him. Tentatively, Oliver's lips parted and his tongue slid across Percy's bottom lip. Percy whimpered, his lips parting, one hand reaching up to clench in Oliver's hair. Oliver's tongue slipped into Percy's parted lips, gently exploring teeth and tongue. With a faint startled squeak, Percy opened his mouth a little wider, and wriggled nearing, moaning when that motion rubbed their bodies together. Their bodies shifting against each other and Percy's moan, made Oliver moan. This was so weird and so good. He nibbled on Percy's bottom lip.

"Oh..." Gasping, Percy found himself rocking his hips against Oliver, quivering.

Oliver's breath caught in his throat when Percy started rocking against him. He moved his hand back to Percy's waist and let himself be lost in the sensation of the shifting warmth.

Percy groaned, squeezing his eyes shut, and wrapped his arms around Oliver's waist, pulling him as close as possible. Letting out a low moan when their bodies were flush against each other, Oliver began moving with Percy. Percy had to bite his lip to keep from crying out loudly. He dug his nails into Oliver's back.


Pulling back, he looked at Oliver anxiously. "Did I do something wrong?"

Panting, Oliver shook his head. "No, just surprised me." He said reassuringly.

"I won't..." Percy reached up to stroke Oliver's cheek. "Maybe you should try to surprise me."

Oliver stroked the flat of Percy's hip with his thumb, debating how he could surprise him. With a quiet sigh, Percy rested his forehead against Oliver's neck, still shaking. Oliver ran his fingertips down Percy's stomach. Percy sucked in a startled breath, tipping his head back. Cautiously, Oliver placed little kisses on Percy's pale throat.

"Oh..." Percy tightened his arms around Oliver's waist, swallowing convulsively.

Oliver felt the muscles beneath the skin of Percy's throat move as he swallowed. He continued kissing and occasionally, his tongue darted out to taste warm flesh.

"Hell, Oliver," Percy whispered, sliding a hand up Oliver's back.

"Hm?" Oliver paused.

"That... it just feels good, is all."

He smiled, pleased that Percy was at least enjoying it. He dropped a kiss onto Percy's shoulder.

With a little half-moan, Percy cupped the back of Oliver's head with one hand, writhing against him. Placing his hand back on Percy's hip, Oliver rocked against him and sucked lightly on the juncture between Percy's neck and shoulder. Percy groaned, startled, and bucked his hips hard against Oliver's.


"Oh, hell," Percy repeated, almost under his breath. "If you're going to stop, stop now."

Oliver flicked his tongue across the faint mark he had just made on Percy's throat. "Didn't plan on stopping." He said, voice a little husky.

"Nng." Percy gulped again, rocking against Oliver awkwardly. He certainly wasn't chilled any more.

Oliver slid a hand down Percy's back and cupped his still clothed arse. Percy whimpered softly, pressed flush against Oliver, and bent to kiss his neck tentatively.

"Oh..." Oliver sighed softly, Percy's lips felt so soft and warm.

"What..." Percy murmured, breath puffing over Oliver's ear, "...what now?"

"S'good," Oliver replied with a shiver.

Percy nodded helplessly, hips rocking slowly of their own volition. Oliver ran his hands down Percy's back and sides, just needing to feel him, to make sure this was real. With another faint whimper that rapidly became a low moan, Percy arched to Oliver's hands. Deciding that Percy's moans were contagious, Oliver couldn't help but mirror the beautiful sound that escaped from his friend's lips.

"What... I..." Percy took a deep breath, brushing Oliver's lower lip with his thumb. "I'm still not sure... what's going on here. I mean..." he blushed vividly, "...if it's supposed to mean something."

Oliver had the biggest urge to ask, 'Doesn't it?' but he refrained, feeling a little hurt. "You mean like--?" He decided to play the ignorance card.

"I... I don't know... I just... it feels so good that I can't think straight, and then I get confused."

"Confused about what?" Oliver asked, breathless and curious.

"I never..." Percy rocked his hips against Oliver's again, face pressed against his neck. "Never did anything like this... I know I can trust you but I don't know what I should be thinking. Saying. Feeling."

"I don't know either Percy. This is all new for me too. Just let it happen...and if you want to say something, say it?" Oliver wasn't really sure about what to say to Percy.

"Just..." Percy kissed the soft curve of Oliver's neck. "You're... well, you're my friend. That's important... at least, I think it is..."

Oliver smiled softly and nodded. That was something.

"So that... it doesn't change, right?"

"No, I don't think so."

"Okay," Percy whispered, and turned his face up to kiss Oliver deeply, arms still wrapped around him.

"Mmmm..." Oliver rolled his hips against Percy's.

"Oh, yes," Percy murmured urgently, grinding against him.

"God, Percy..." Oliver whispered hotly.

"Mmmhh..." Percy's eyes were closed tightly, as if he were concentrating very hard, and he tipped his head back, gasping.

Oliver leaned forward and kissed down Percy's throat and shoulder. Lightly, he nibbled along his collarbone.

Percy's breath caught in his throat. "L-like that," he said shakily.

Continuing for a moment, Oliver got bold enough to bite Percy's shoulder, gently.

"Ah!" Percy gasped, startled, and thrust against Oliver hard. "I think... I really think I should take these off..." he slipped a thumb under the waistband of his boxers.

"Yeah," Oliver breathed, moving back to let Percy get out of his boxers.

Sucking in a nervous breath, Percy shimmied out of his shorts, kicking them to the foot of the bed, and wriggled back to press against Oliver, gasping again at the feeling of so much skin.

Oliver shivered when all of Percy pressed against him. He pulled him impossibly close and kissed him passionately. Twining his legs with Oliver's, Percy sank into the kiss, wrapping his arms around him again. Caressing the back of Percy's neck, Oliver rocked his hips forward. With a whimpering squeak, Percy ground against him, experimentally biting the side of Oliver's neck.

"Ooh!" Oliver gasped. "Yes."

Smiling a little, he tried biting just a little harder, on Oliver's shoulder.

"Mmm.. god, that's... oooh."

"That's good?" Percy asked earnestly.

"Yes!" Oliver replied quickly, breathlessly.

"Then I suppose I'll have to..." Grasping Oliver's hips to pull him as close as possible, he bit Oliver's other shoulder, thrusting against him frantically.

"Oh, Percy, I'm--" Oliver gasped, closing his eyes.

Percy raised his head, watching Oliver's face almost hungrily. Everything contracted, Oliver saw stars and he came. He let out a low moan and kept moving with Percy. Percy kept watching his face with something like awe, fingers digging into Oliver's hips, thrusting faster against his suddenly-slick belly, throwing his head back again and keening loudly, shuddering and twitching through his climax.

Panting, Oliver ran a hand through Percy's hair and dropped kisses on his throat and neck and shoulder. It took a long time for Percy's ragged breathing to even out. He opened his eyes and smiled shyly, tentatively running his fingertips through Oliver's hair. Oliver leaned forward and kissed the shy little smile on Percy's lips. He felt so content in that moment and would have loved to stay like that forever.

"I... well. Wow?" Percy seemed a bit dazed.

"Yeah," Oliver nodded in agreement.

"You're not, I mean... this isn't going to be weird, is it?" He brushed his fingers across Oliver's cheek.

Oliver laughed softly. "No, I don't think it will be."

"All right then," Percy said a little more firmly, and leaned in for another light kiss. "I don't want us to not be friends."
"Neither do I."

"Er." Percy fumbled for his wand. "I don't want to move, but we're... um. Sticky. And that's not really comfortable."

"Yeah," Oliver giggled.

After a hasty scourgify, Percy flopped back onto the bed, still looking a bit perplexed.


"What 'what'?" He turned to look at Oliver.

"You looked a little confused, that's all."

"I suppose I am, a little. I just... never did anything like that. I'm sorting it out in my head, I guess." Percy scooted closer, giving Oliver a kiss on the cheek.

Nodding to show he understood, Oliver rested his arm around Percy's waist.

Percy nestled into the contact with a small contented sound. "Do you think anyone else will be up here before dinner?"

Oliver shook his head. "Probably not."

"Mmm. we don't have to move for a while then."

"Nope," Oliver exhaled slowly and smiled, enjoying Percy's warmth.
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