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Atalanta Pendragonne

Author Name: Darragh Tieraneaux(pd_darragh) and Atalanta Pendragonne (atalantapendrag)
Fic Title: Dyslexic Heart 2.5: Better Marks
Characters: Oliver Wood/Percy Weasley
Genre: PWP, I suppose
Rating: NC-17
Critique: As long as it's honest!

This is sort of an adjunct to the Remus/Percy Dyslexic Heart series I'm writing with randomsalad. The first two Dyslexic Heart stories can be found on my Skyehawke page. It's a second draft and I'm sure it still needs brushing off.

The Gryffindor seventh-year boy's dorm was empty. Not that unusual; it was true that the seventh-years tended to have free time during the classes they weren't taking at NEWTs level, but that time was usually spent studying. Which is what Percy would usually be doing, but he found his thoughts wandering and realized if he was going to be able to concentrate at all during his late afternoon class he'd need to give his suddenly demanding hormones an opportunity to assert themselves briefly. Hence, the empty dorm room. He undressed slowly, hissing just a bit as he stretched the bruised flesh of his back, and ran his fingers over the marks on his neck with a smile. Once he'd finished stepping out of his clothes, Percy folded them neatly, removing his glasses last. Stripped bare, he knelt on the bed for a moment, eyes closed, feeling the faint breeze from a half-open window. It was warm, unseasonably so, and the air moved over his skin like a caress.

Hogwarts was boring at times and it just happened to be one of those times. Oliver had the next few hours off and he wasn't entirely sure what he was going to do. After a moment's thought, he decided that, because it was such a lovely day, he was going to fly around the pitch for a while. It would probably be the last really nice day for a long time. He didn't expect anyone to be in there as he headed into the seventh year boy's dorm to get his broom, but he crept carefully, trying not to make a noise, just in case there was someone studying in there. Oliver stopped half-way to the first bed. There was someone in the room. A naked someone. A naked Percy. "Wow," he whispered almost inaudibly as he noticed the marks up either side of his spine. Not just bruises, they were clearly bites; the purple-green contusions were clearly adorned with the arch of tooth marks, darker in colour.

The sound of footsteps and an indistinct exclamation caught Percy's attention, and he raised his head, opening his eyes. "Oh... do you want the room to yourself? I could leave."

Oliver hesitated a moment. "Oh no, don't leave on account of me," he said, slowly approaching Percy's bed. He was very intrigued by the marks, although he doubted his friend would offer an explanation. That just wasn't his way. But neither was having a back so covered in love-bites that it resembled a very ugly patchwork quilt.

Percy tilted his head, blushing slightly as Oliver stepped closer. "I wouldn't want to be a distraction. If you were studying." He fought the urge to squirm.

Oliver smiled as he watched a faint blush tinge Percy's cheeks pink. He ran his tongue across his bottom lip. "Oh, I didn't plan on studying."

"I. Er. Don't want to be in your way."

"What makes you think you'd be in my way?" Oliver asked, leaning against one of the bedposts.

His physical proximity was becoming acutely impossible to ignore, and the hairs on Percy's arms stood on end. "There are only so many reasons to go up to the dorm in the middle of the afternoon." He stared at the floor.

"Well, that's true, but... I just don't feel like studying, too hard to do today." He watched Percy's reaction with an amused grin. His behaviour was a bit out of character, and Oliver couldn't help being interested.

Percy forced himself not to bite his lip at the word 'hard'. "You don't usually nap."

"Yeah, you know, I don't know what I came up here for," Oliver replied, choosing his words carefully.

Swallowing hard, Percy gripped the edge of the bed, closing his eyes. "You're usually more decisive." Decisive was very much the word. He'd seen the confident way Oliver went after whoever and whatever he wanted, and he generally got it.

"Yeah, I guess I'm out of my head today." Oliver cocked his head to one side, surveying Percy's grip on the bed. His knuckles showed white.

"Did you want something?" Being loomed over was getting fiercely uncomfortable, and doing nothing to relieve the baser urges that had driven him here in the first place. If Oliver didn't stop being cryptic at him soon, he'd bloody well have the wank he'd come up here for no matter where he was standing; they weren't exactly strangers to that sort of thing anyway, even if it had never gotten past a certain point.

"Well, now that you mention it..." Playfully, Oliver grinned and wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

Glancing up irritably, Percy ran a hand through his hair. "If you have something to say, say it."

Oliver sighed dramatically and then smiled. "Mind if I join you?"

Pulling his knees to his chest and wrapping his arms around them, Percy sighed in return. "Only if you start saying what you mean instead of pelting me with half-riddles." He rested his chin on his bended knees.

Oliver sat down on the bed and ran a hand through Percy's hair. "I'm sorry, Perce."

The sudden touch made Percy tense up, and he exhaled slowly, forcing himself to relax. "So why are you here?"

"Well, I was going to go have a fly around the pitch, but now I don't think I want to."

"Oh? That's not usual for you."

"Yeah, but I've been out there at least thirty times this week and that's not including practise. It gets boring, flying in the same place over and over again."

"Well, in a few months you'll be able to fly in all manner of new places."

"Oh, I know. I can't wait." Oliver smiled.

"You're looking to play professionally, aren't you?"

"Yup," he nodded. "Puddlemere, hopefully."

"You fly well," Percy said quietly. "Gracefully."

"Oh, thanks," Oliver said, pleased by the compliment. "Are you still bent on going into the Ministry?"

Percy nodded. "Until I get the results of my NEWTs, though, I won't know what I'll be able to qualify for." Which is why I should be studying, only my blasted glands won't give me any peace.

"Well, I'm sure you'll get into... whatever it is you want to do there," Oliver replied.

"First I need to do well on my NEWTs." Percy forced himself to look up briefly and smile. "Then I can concern myself with what I'm qualified for."

Oliver nodded, glad to see a smile on his friend's face; Percy was always so withdrawn.

"You still haven't said why you're here."

"I told you I came up here from my stuff to go flying, but I changed my mind."

"That's why you were here, not why you are here."

He never could beat around the bush with Percy. It was entertaining for a while, but not very productive. "I'm here because you're very nude and I'd like to be very nude with you."

"You're not doing a very good job of taking your clothes off."

Oliver laughed and quickly pulled his shirt over his head. "I'm working on it."

Loosening his grasp on his shins, Percy turned to glance at him. "I see."

Oliver draped his shirt over the footboard of Percy's bed and started on his trousers. "Yeah."

"Is it reasonable to assume that you are undressing with intent?"

"Yep." Oliver nodded, smirking at Percy's choice of words. Not many people could be pretentious stark naked.

"Mmm." Percy rolled over, lying stretched out on his stomach. "And this is a whim, is it?"

"Completely," Oliver agreed.

"You do that a lot. Give in to whims, I mean." Percy propped his chin on his hands.

"Yeah," Oliver smiled as he dropped his boxers. "It keeps life fun, I suppose."

"Fun." He shrugged. "Everyone wants to be having fun."

"What? Don't you?"

"You've known me long enough to be able to answer that."

"I know, but we've got a long way to go, we might as well enjoy the ride, right?"

"Long way?" Percy tilted his head. "What do you mean?"

"We still have a life to live."

"It's not exactly a ride, though, is it? You need to do things to make sure you get what you want."

"Might as well enjoy the drive, then."

"Am I entirely surrounded by hedonists?" Percy stretched, feeling the flexing muscles in his back.

"I think so," Oliver stared in renewed fascination, watching the deep green-brown-purple of the bruises liberally adorning his pale skin as he moved.

"You have an agenda at the moment, I gather."

"I sure do," he replied as he stretched out next to Percy.

"And were you going to say anything about it, or just set about pawing me?" He was grinning faintly.

"Well, which would you prefer?" Oliver responded with a lop-sided smile.

"I'm a bit worried about the sort of things you'd think were persuasive."

"Why's that?"

"Because," Percy said slowly, "You take an active delight in confusing me whenever possible."

"Could be worse."

"Yes, but I wouldn't be in bed naked with the twins."

Oliver laughed. "True." Percy didn't joke often enough, and not at all with most people.

"So what did you have in mind?" Percy asked.

Moving a little closer, Oliver leaned forward and stroked Percy's thigh with his thumb. "Well, I think that what you were about to do before I came in would be a good place to start."

Percy rolled to face him. "I don't usually, um, perform for an audience."

"It can be a duet," Oliver grinned, completely amused with Percy, and even more so with himself.

Shaking his head a little, Percy held one hand up. "If you keep needling me, maybe I will just let you watch."

"Oooh, okay, I'll stop."

"We've. Ah. Got a few hours." Slowly, Percy reached out his upraised hand and rubbed his thumb roughly across Oliver's nipple, closing his eyes.

Oliver nodded, though Percy's eyes were closed. He bit his lip as he watched Percy play with his nipple.

Squirming closer, he tried pinching the nipple between his fingers harder, and pulled Oliver's hips close, grinding against him.

Oliver responded instantly. He rolled his hips in time with Percy and groaned low in his throat.

"So... what do you have in mind?"

"Feel like a tumble?" Oliver asked with a cute grin.

Percy growled, and bucked hard against him. "So you want a ride after all?"

"Oooh, yes!" Oliver answered quickly.

His response made Percy laugh. "Hedonist."


"I'm not, I mean..." Percy sighed. "I know you're the adventurous one. I also know..." he smirked slightly, "There's no tile floor here."

"And I'm thankful for that."

"So, then." Eyes still closed, he rested his forehead on Oliver's shoulder, feeling unaccountably self-concious.

Oliver rested a hand on the back of Percy's neck and stroked it gently. "You want to--?"

The light touch made his skin crawl. "Yes," he breathed. "How do we want to go about this?"

"Well, let's..." Oliver shifted a little and he caught sight of Percy's back once again. "How did you get those?"

"From being bitten," Percy replied in a calm, no-nonsense tone.

"Wow, you don't say." Oliver didn't bother to hide his sarcasm. Percy had two modes; tight-lipped and lecturing. Unless he had one of his loquacious spells, he wasn't likely to say anything else on the subject.

"I lost track of how many times, but you could probably count them."

Oliver trailed the tips of his fingers down the marks. "Mmm." He made a non-committal sound in the back of his throat. "They look almost painful."

Percy fought back a gasp and flushed slightly when Oliver touched them. "Not... not really. It certainly wasn't at the time."

"No, I don't suppose it would be," Oliver said absently, as he studied the marks. He'd gotten a few over the years but this was... wow.

Oliver's fingertips resting on his bite-bruised back made Percy whimper a little and grind against him. "At the time," he got out slowly, trying not to gasp his words, "It was rather... intense."

"I can imagine," Oliver purred.

"Why would you want to be imagining something else when you could be doing something now?" Percy felt a flicker of guilt as soon as he'd said it, because every touch to the marks on his back brought up the vivid memory of how they were acquired.

"Hmm, good point." Oliver replied, letting it slide. He slid his hand down Percy's back and gripped his arse.

Percy tipped his head back with something between a groan and a sigh and wrapped his arms around Oliver, pulling him closer.

Oliver smiled, pleased with Percy's reaction. He placed a hand on his friend's hip and pressed his lips to the newly exposed, pale throat.

Percy shuddered as Oliver's lips brushed the edge of the livid bite on his neck. "Mmm." He slid his hands up Oliver's back and thrust against him once, hard. "Are we going to roll around on the bed or are you going to fuck me?"

"Your choice."

He laughed softly. "Are you telling me you don't have a preference?"

"Well, I'm sure you know what I'd like to do," Oliver smiled.

"We'll need something then, won't we?" Percy smiled himself, remembering. "Something other than soapsuds."

Softly, Oliver laughed. "All right, do you have anything or am I trudging across the room?" He asked with a lop-sided grin.

"Oh, poor you," he snorted. "No, I don't have anything... well, I have a bottle of that muggle stuff that's supposed to keep you from getting sunburned. It's a little slippery, but not really ideal."

"Okay, well, I'll get the real stuff then." Oliver replied. "'re gonna have to get off me."

"Getting off sounds like a good plan to me." Percy loosened his hold and rolled a bit to the side.

Oliver laughed. "It does." He slid off the bed and went and rummaged through the trunk at the foot of his bed.

Turning back onto his stomach, Percy watched him. "So is this how you spend your free periods?"

"Sometimes," Oliver replied as he straightened up, lube in hand.

"No wonder you don't get better marks."

"Well, we can't all have marks like yours," Oliver replied, looking pointedly at Percy's back.

Percy blinked, then laughed softly. I will not make a comment about which professor gave me such excellent marks. He fought back a louder laugh.

Oliver shook his head, amused. He returned to the bed and stretched out on his back, next to Percy.

"So," Percy murmured, resting a hand on his chest.

Oliver grinned and sat up. He climbed on top of Percy and rested his weight on his forearms by Percy's head.

Direct as ever, Percy thought with amusement. "I don't need to ask if you're keen."

"Well, that's obvious." Oliver smirked.

"Indeed." Percy wriggled against him, pressing up to him snugly.

"Mmm," Oliver closed his eyes briefly, relishing the feel of his friend's smooth skin.

"Very keen," he noted, feeling Oliver's cock pressing against him, hard and heavy. He had a moment of apprehension; Oliver was decidedly larger than average and Percy had gotten a sore jaw more than once. But he knew Oliver'd had a few other partners, so clearly it wasn't that much of an obstacle.

With a grin, Oliver began to trail kisses down Percy's jaw. He had no idea what Percy was into, so he just went with it. Closing his eyes, Percy tilted his head to the side, gasping sharply as the light touch made the recollection of having been bitten a few days back hit him vividly. The memory strengthened his arousal, and he moaned. Oliver took Percy's reaction as encouragement and continued. He nibbled gently on the red-head's earlobe.

The light nip made him shiver, and he gripped the blankets. "Hope you aren't... planning anything complicated..."

"Mmm... just enjoyable," Oliver whispered.

"That is rather the point, is it not?"

"Yes, but enjoyable doesn't have to be complicated."

Percy shook his head a little. "I didn't say it did. Just reminding you we both have a class in a few hours." Remembering which class, Percy bit his lip, squirming.

"I know," Oliver replied. They were messing around and still Percy was thinking about classes. That was just like him.

"I merely thought you might have something more exciting in mind than taste-testing my earlobe."

Oliver laughed.

Wriggling, Percy arched up against him. "I'm so pleased I was able to amuse you."

"Ooh," Oliver exhaled softly. Percy's lithe form pressing against him felt amazing. Carefully avoiding the marks, Oliver began a slow descent, licking and kissing every inch of pale, freckled flesh.

Exhaling slowly, Percy relaxed on the bed, lying almost bonelessly. "You can start actually doing something any time you like," he said shakily. "Or do you feel the need to see what every bit of my skin tastes like?"

"I feel the need to see what every bit of your skin tastes like," Oliver grinned.

Percy couldn't help laughing. "It's just skin. Skin you're rather familiar with at that. Or do you think I've changed flavour?"

"I don't know, you could have." Oliver laughed too. "Think of it as an inventory check."

"That's hardly flattering. Do you consider me an item of your stock, then?"

Oliver laughed. "Oh stop. You know what I mean."

Percy wriggled again. "Stop talking, then, and take your inventory, or I'll wind up rushing to class with you still sucking on my big toe."

Oliver shook his head, amused. Just to bug Percy, he kept his pace slow and unhurried, at least as unhurried as the time they had allowed. Shivering, Percy fought back a gasp every time Oliver's lips brushed the marks on his back. He was relieved Oliver couldn't see his face. Gripping Percy's hips, Oliver lifted them slightly, spreading his legs. Carefully, he worked his tongue into his friend's tight opening and slid it slowly in and out.

Percy squeaked shrilly. "Who have you been spending your free time with lately?" he panted, trembling.

Oliver really couldn't answer; his tongue was currently occupied. Instead, he trailed his fingers down Percy's stomach and down his thighs.

Not hygienic, Percy thought hazily, with a giggle he couldn't quite stifle. He squirmed, trying not to kick. Oliver slowly removed his tongue and as gently as possible dropped a kiss on the small of Percy's back. Percy half-turned, looking over his shoulder. "You stopped," he said mournfully.

"I know," Oliver smiled. He leaned down and ran his tongue down Percy's cleft. "I could do more if you'd like."

"Just... just do something," he gasped, twitching under Oliver's tongue.

Oliver continued licking, though he didn't enter Percy with his tongue. He groped around the bed for the lube. Percy bit a mouthful of bedding to keep from crying out, and gripped the sides of the bed. Finally getting hold of the lube, Oliver squirted a bit onto his fingers and spread it around. He continued licking as he slowly inserted one finger into Percy. Whimpers escaping the improvised gag, Percy squirmed against his hand. Agonizingly slowly, Oliver moved his finger in and out of the squirming body beneath him.

Releasing his mouthful of blanket, Percy tipped his head back, gasping. "You're... oh, more..."

In Oliver's opinion, Percy made some awesome noises. He added a second finger and continued his oh-so-slow rhythm.

Percy wriggled, struggling not to cry out. "Oh, please..." He jerked his hips, trying to get Oliver to quicken his pace.

"Tell me."

"I want... more... faster... harder... more..."

Oliver was only happy to comply.

Biting his lip to stifle a loud groan, Percy ground against Oliver's hand. "More, oh please more..."

Oliver crooked his fingers forward and stroked himself as he watched the writhing body respond to his touch. In all their awkward, furtive encounters, he'd never seen Percy react with such enthusiastic abandon.

"Oh..." Percy gasped, back arching. "Please... I want..."



Slicking himself with lube, Oliver got onto his knees and positioned himself between Percy's legs. He withdrew his fingers and slowly entered his friend.

Percy bit the blanket again, squealing around it. Oliver was bigger than Prof--than Remus, and for a moment he wasn't so sure he'd made a good decision. Exhaling slowly, he made himself relax, and held very still, feeling Oliver slip inside him.

"You okay?" Oliver practically groaned. Percy was so tight.

"Oh," Percy breathed softly. "Oh yes... just..." He shuddered briefly. "Yes."

Carefully and as gently as possible, Oliver rocked his hips slightly.

With another choked gasp, Percy pushed back against him. "That's... yes... that's good."

Oliver pulled out only about an inch before he slid back in. He wanted Percy to get used to it.

"Ahh..." Percy pressed his forehead against the bed, clutching handfuls of sheet. "Yes... oh yes..."

Quickening the pace, Oliver repeated his actions. Whimpering and struggling not to cry out, Percy thrust back against him, eyes half-shut. With one of his lube slicked fingers, Oliver stroked the stretched skin of Percy's entrance and he slowed a bit.

Percy shivered. "Don't get any strange ideas," he said with a shaky laugh.

Oliver snorted, "Oh, don't worry. It just helped me so I figured-- "

"I'm just more used to you leaving me with a sore jaw."

Oliver laughed.

"Well, it's true!" he protested.

"I didn't say it wasn't," Oliver said through his laughter.

"If you're just going to laugh at me I should start getting ready for class."

"Its not my fault," Oliver said and bit his lip to shut himself up.

"What's not your fault?" Percy asked, still a little huffy.


"Are you saying it's my fault?"

Fuck, Oliver thought. "No," he said quickly. "That's not what I'm saying."

"So don't. I really don't like being laughed at, and having an intimidatingly large prick buried in my arse doesn't make it any less offensive."

"Sorry," Oliver said, feeling thoroughly reprimanded.

"So would you rather be laughing or shagging?"

Oliver rocked his hips forward. There was Percy's answer.

Percy cried out, and winced when he realized how loudly. Silently offering thanks to whatever deity might watch over such matters that the dorms were otherwise deserted, he bit down on a mouthful of blanket again. Oliver took Percy's cry as a good sign and thrust a little faster. He reached around and wrapped his hand around Percy's cock, letting his thrusts do the work. Shivering again, Percy moaned around the bedding clenched in his teeth, pumping into Oliver's hand.

Oliver groaned. Percy was so warm and so tight and utterly delicious. Hands twisting, tangled in the sheets, Percy rocked back against him, breathing heavily through his nose. Oliver changed the angle of his thrusts, watching and listening for a reaction from Percy to know he'd hit the spot.

Moaning against the spit-soaked fabric in his mouth, Percy ground back against him, shuddering, and thrusting faster into his hand. Oliver bit his lip, his thrusts were getting the tiniest bit erratic. Percy's muffled moans were so hot. Percy found himself resenting the need for quiet, and rocked harder between Oliver's hand and cock.

"Ohhh," Oliver moaned and gripped Percy's hip with his hand. The tension was beginning to build.

Wincing a bit at Oliver's crushing grip, Percy arched back, kneeling up. He gasped when his back brushed Oliver's chest, and his thrusts grew more rapid and erratic. Oliver let go of Percy's hip and wrapped his arm around Percy's waist, pulling him closer. With a low moan, Percy leaned back against him, eyes drifting shut.

Oliver kissed his shoulder before resuming his hard thrusts. He stroked Percy's stomach and nipples and chest with the hand that wasn't occupied with his friend's cock. Moaning again, Percy reached behind him to grab hold of Oliver's hips as he came, eyes still shut, breath rasping hoarsely.

The delicious sensation of Percy's contracting muscles sent Oliver over the edge. He moved his hips a few more times before he pulled out. He was practically panting.

Percy was still gasping as he slid back onto the bed. "We really don't have time for a shower, do we?"

Oliver stretched out beside him, eyes falling shut sleepily. "I don't think so."

Reaching for his wand, Percy cast cleaning charms on both of them. He cursed, noticing the time, and began dressing hastily. "That essay's due today."

"Oh, fuck, is it? I've still got at least a paragraph to write... shit." Oliver said as he slid off the bed and went for his clothes.

"How do you expect to pass your NEWTs if you leave everything to the last minute?" Percy smiled faintly.

"I do my best work under pressure," Oliver grinned, pulling on his pants.

"Yes, well, make sure you write legibly. It's DADA, not Ancient Runes."

"When have I ever written illegibly? That one time in Transfigurations excluded."

Percy just shook his head, combing out his hair.

"See? You can't find any examples because there have been none!" Oliver teased, even though every single one of his papers had a note that he should write more neatly.

"Fortunately for me, marking essays is one thing I don't have to do as Head Boy."

Oliver laughed. "All right then."

Percy checked once more that his robes were straight and unwrinkled before starting for the door. "Don't be late to class, it would be dreadfully awkward to explain." He blushed slightly. You have no idea.
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