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halfdone_hp's Journal

Drabbles, One-Shots, Epics, and WIPs
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Welcome to halfdone_hp! This is a community for both half-completed and finished Harry Potter fanfics of all ships, squicks, and sizes! Crossovers are welcome, trolls and flamers are not.

The Lowdown

We don't like people who flame unnecessarily, trolls, or highly off topic posts. (An off-topic post would be something along the lines of a new, non HP-related PS2 game coming out. Anything HP related is considered mostly on topic, but not about the actors. We don't want to hear about Emma Watson's sex change.)

We do ask that you use this form when posting to the comm.

Author Name:
Fic Title:
NC-17 must be noted and put behind an LJ cut, no matter what the length.
(Harsh, Moderate, Fair, Nice Only, or No Preference)
Word Count (Optional)

When posting anything more than a drabblet (100 words), please put it behind an LJ-cut. The same goes for pictures of any size.

You can find the tags for an LJ-cut at the LJ FAQ page. We really do ask that you use this feature -- if you don't, once gets you a reminder, twice gets you an even more stern reminder, but three strikes and you're out.

Have something you'd like added into the rules? Please feel free to tell us about it, and we'll add it into the community info.

Once again, welcome to halfdone_hp!